A small portion of your overall portfolio

Increases exponentially to offset losses in a crisis

Crisis Alpha

Conventional investment portfolios all suffer from the same flaw.  When stock markets crash nearly every other investment class falls along with it.  Highcrest's Crisis Alpha Strategy addresses that problem by applying a quantitative, momentum-based strategy to a global portfolio of stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities.

 We like to think of it as a lighthouse.

A very small structure that can prevent a disaster.

By always investing in the direction of prevailing trends, our Crisis Alpha Strategy is able to capitalize on the pronounced market trends that arise in times of crisis.  Whether it be a market crash, inflation, or an oil shock, we provide our clients with a way to generate positive returns in times of trouble.  This can serve as an  invaluable hedge for conventional investment portfolios.

How does it work?

Our Crisis Alpha Strategy is research driven, and uses historical, statistical, and mathematical research as the basis for the investment decisions.  It is systematic in nature, and the majority of our market positions are long investments.  Occasionally we will take short positions to take advantage of markets with highly negative characteristics.

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