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We are a small team of tech-savvy and thoughtful people who enjoy sharing our work with others.  We get excited by new ideas and discoveries.  We think differently about a lot of things, and have fun answering tough questions and testing the truth of what we discover.

J.P. Bourtin, Esq., Chief Executive Officer

J.P.  is the original founder of Highcrest Capital and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer.


Before starting the firm, J.P. was the Chief Investment Officer of Greenwich Private Capital, LLC, a proprietary investment company located in Greenwich Connecticut that managed the wealth of a prominent New York family.  Early in his investing career, J.P. studied under Edward Seykota, who is widely regarded as one of the forefathers of quantitative investing.  Prior to his investing career, J.P. was the founder and CEO of SiteLogic Technologies, a legal technology company that was eventually sold to a private investment group.


Earlier in his career, J.P. worked as an attorney for Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York, served as a pro bono Special District Attorney for the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office, and served as a judicial law clerk for Judge Harold R. DeMoss, Jr., of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Houston, Texas. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Tulane Law School, a former member of Law Review, and a member of the Order of the Coif.  J.P. received a B.A. in History from Boston College.


Over the years J.P. has acquired a particular interest in Systems Theory and spends much of his free time researching its application to various human endeavors, such as investing, law, and technology.  J.P. lives on a ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas with his wife, Christy, their three young children, and an assortment of livestock.

Jayson Javitz, Esq., Portfolio Manager

Jayson is the Portfolio Manager of the Highcrest Private Credit Income Fund.  Prior to serving in that role, Jayson served as the General Counsel of River City Petroleum, Inc., a fuel distribution company with roughly $1 billion in sales. In that role Jayson oversaw a loan and credit portfolio of approximately $700 million. Jayson has extensive experience in small business lending, having sourced and managed thousands of commercial loans to small and mid-sized businesses. Previously, Jayson worked as an attorney for Seyfarth Shaw, LLP, and for Jackson Lewis, LLP, two national law firms. Jayson is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law, and is a graduate from the University of Hartford with a B.S. in finance and economics in 1991, summa cum laude.


When asked what the Highcrest mission statement means to him, Jayson is quick to point out our unique focus on people.  For him personally, it means that we “aren’t in this business to enrich ourselves, but rather to serve real people, and not just accounts.”  For Jayson, these are the husbands, wives, and parents who have entrusted us with managing their hard-earned wealth.


As the Portfolio Manager of credit fund, Jayson’s core value is stewardship.  Jayson is old enough to remember quite clearly the major investment calamities of the past three decades.  From the Volcker recession, to the '87 stock market crash. The S&L crisis, the Asian currency collapse and then, the tech bubble followed by the historic '08 - '09 collapse. All of them having a major impact on the markets. “History doesn't always repeat itself but usually it rhymes.  Investors have learned hard lessons over the years, and we simply will not place our partners' money into what we believe are unreasonably risky positions.”

Byron Fanning, Operations Manager

Byron is the Operations Manager of Highcrest Capital, and in that role is responsible for all the internal operations of the firm.  Byron graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  After graduating, Byron worked in designing large scale systems in the telecom infrastructure industry for Tellumat Integrated Solutions in South Africa.


As the Manager of Operations, Byron is responsible for the inner workings of the company.  “I manage aspects of everything from background data entry to investor relations, client on-boarding and even some marketing.  I love being involved in the full spread of responsibilities that makes a company work.”


Byron’s former career in mechanical engineering, and his attention to detail in the field of R&D, are easily applied in creating systems and managing the daily operations within Highcrest.  It’s no wonder that Byron believes strongly in the importance of conscientiousness, which is a core value of Highcrest.  Byron believes that if we manage the details well, it enables us to serve well.  Maybe this explains his strange and expensive obsession with meticulously restoring vintage bicycles.


Byron also has an unquenchable love for nature and has spent an inordinate number of days in the national game reserves of Southern Africa, where he saw some of the most exotic animals in the world in their natural habitat.  Now in Texas, Byron spends as much time as he can outdoors.

Rimma Valencia, Portfolio Analyst

Rimma serves as a Portfolio Analyst at Highcrest Capital.  Prior to this role, she served as a Financial Analyst at Allstate Insurance group and then for Intellectual Ventures / Xinova / Allied Inventors, a venture capital firm based in Seattle.  Rimma, originally from Russia, came to the United States in 2001 to study finance and graduated in 2010 with a BS in Finance from City University of New York: Brooklyn College.  Rimma holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation, regarded by most to be the key certification for investment professionals, especially in the areas of research and portfolio management.


In her role, Rimma is responsible for helping to manage and report on the Highcrest Private Credit Income Fund and its portfolio of small business loans.  Rimma is also responsible for a variety of internal finance functions at Highcrest, including the accounting work that goes into closing the books every month.  When not working at Highcrest, she is busy improving her skills as a compound bow archer and hiking with her husband, an NYPD Police officer.


Along with the rest of the Highcrest team, Rimma shares a love of exploring unique ideas and opportunities.  “Highcrest gives me a chance to do something innovative and interesting in a firm that allows for free thinking.”  What makes her feel most at home at Highcrest is being part of a group where everyone’s input is taken into account, and where everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinion and contribute new ideas.

Maggie Murphy, Office Manager

Maggie is the Office Manager at Highcrest Capital, and in that role helps manage the internal operations of the firm.  Before joining Highcrest, Maggie attended Baylor University, and is currently enrolled in West Texas A&M University to complete her degree in health science.


As Office Manager of Highcrest, Maggie works to keep things personal inside the company. She facilitates team gatherings, client meetings and manages all the details that can so easily slip through the cracks in any company.  For Maggie, everything about Highcrest centers around relationships. She feels connected to the Highcrest mission because of its emphasis on people, from each client to our own team members.  This holistic approach to investing and having relationship as a core value motivates her daily work. “There is something quite remarkable about being part of such a small organization that is adding such tremendous value to my life, our clients lives, and to our community as well.”


Maggie is nationally certified to conduct high and low ropes challenges courses, so she understands the importance of training teamwork, and is no stranger to adventure!

Ben Rodgers, Brand Shepherd

Ben is the “Brand Shepherd" of Highcrest.  Before joining the firm, Ben graduated from Baylor University, Hankamer School of Business, cum laude, with a BBA in Marketing in 2009. Upon graduation he worked in Nashville as an artist manager for a record label after which he returned to Fredericksburg as Brand Supervisor for HCM Hospital, and then Marketing Director for Rockbox, LLC. Ben now works remotely for Highcrest from Maine.


As Highcrest’s Brand Shepherd, Ben makes sure the big ideas that drive the company make their way into every facet of communication:  visual, verbal, written, and auditory. Both inside and outside the company the Highcrest brand should inform everyone clearly about the core values of the firm, and improve their understanding of the often complex strategies we offer.


When Ben describes his “buy-in” point for Highcrest, he talks about the company’s focus on people.  “We want to really know people and actually help them.  In the end, we should do the kind of work that moves us past strictly numbers, and into the realms of real service.”  Like the rest of the Highcrest team, Ben is motivated by the opportunity to form meaningful relationships.  “Of our long list of core values, the one I most connect with is relationship, which means we focus on the people as much as the financial measures.”


Finally, it is worth noting that Ben is the unchallenged marksman and hunter on the Highcrest Team although, in truth, he hasn’t faced off with Jayson or Rimma, yet.

Caleb Williams, Portfolio Analyst

Caleb whole-heartedly agrees with our fundamental goal of serving clients through strong relationships, knowing that giving trust to someone should always be because you know them and have confidence in them to do something you yourself can not do. It’s this focus on building a healthy relational foundation that encompasses and connects the core values for Caleb.


“I believe the difference in Highcrest comes from the emphasis put on the people versus the performance. While excellence is desired in performance, the main driver is the people.”


Caleb acts as a portfolio analyst for the company and gives analytical and operational support to Jayson and Byron. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University in 2005 and later completed his MBA in Finance from the University of Texas San Antonio in 2017. Formerly, he worked as a Reactor Engineer for almost 10 years both in Huntersville, NC and Glen Rose, TX. In this role, h worked with a team of reactor engineers to ensure that the reactor core was operating within it’s design limits accompanied by various activities. Caleb is a close admirer and active follower of the Intelligent Design movement. He fills his reading with books on complexity and the nature of information that is found in biological systems. “This is one of the many ways that keeps me in awe of God and the reality he designed!”



Highcrest Capital exists to explore the financial frontier in search of truly unique investments.

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