This is Our Story

What We Do

We look for the toughest investment problems which, if solved, will have a dramatic impact on investment returns.  We then use technology, out-of-the-box thinking, and passion to solve them.  Our products are mission-driven, and our team is dedicated to exploring areas of the investment

frontier that the financial establishment is overlooking. We do not accept the notion that investing is an inherently frustrating and disappointing experience.  We believe that with the right people and technology, investing can still be a fruitful and enjoyable endeavor.

Why We're here

The investment Big Bang is at hand.  Technology is dramatically changing the world of finance and opening up new and better sources of investment returns.  Yet, most investors continue to rely on the same financial products that were around when Columbus discovered the New World.  Our mission is to place our clients at the forefront of financial innovation so they can achieve better investment returns.

Where We're going

We are explorers and problem solvers at heart.  So we plan to go where we are needed most.  We have no intention of selling “me too” investment products like stocks, bonds or mutual funds.  We believe that superior returns are best found in areas that are unknown or unavailable to the investing public.  By embracing innovation and technology, we intend to discover those investments and bring them to our clients.

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