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Private credit income fund

The Highcrest Private Credit Income Fund is our flagship solution for investors needing consistent cash income. This strategy invests in a broadly diversified portfolio of short-term loans made to quality small businesses across Main Street.  We target net annualized returns of 7% - 9% using strict underwriting standards and no leverage.  Our loans are personally guaranteed by the borrowers and secured by the assets of the businesses, thus providing investors with stable principal and a significant measure of downside protection.  Our clients have the option of receiving monthly interest income, and can redeem their investment on short notice.  We provide cash yields that are significantly higher than other income investments by capitalizing on the longstanding decline in bank lending to small businesses, which has allowed private lenders to enter this market and capture high returns.

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Crisis Alpha strategy

A lighthouse isn't needed everyday, but it becomes indispensable in the midst of a storm. Our Crisis Alpha Strategy utilizes quantitative, momentum based strategies to harness market energy in chaotic times.  This strategy is designed to take advantage of prolonged market trends, both up and down, with a focus on generating returns when everything else is failing.


This hedge is designed to function using a small allocation in a portfolio.  It exists in the background of an investor’s holdings with very little impact until the storm comes. No one has the ability to predict these squalls with absolute certainty, but what we do believe is that they WILL come, usually when it's least expected.

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